Cooperation agreement between green edge compute and Statkraft - Host Norway

Green Edge Compute AS and Statkraft have signed a cooperation agreement to establish a data center at Sluppen in Trondheim. Edge Computing which means computer processing physically near the end user is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, driven by bl. a LoT and AI.

This provides a need for urban data center, ie. data center in the cities where people live. This is a smaller data center in the magnitude of 1-5 MW and this along with location near the district heating system makes it comfortable to regain the heat.
Green Edge Compute AS's concept will provide green local data capacity for everyone. They emphasize effective energy exploitation and with the chosen concept of cooling, the excess heat will have a temperature that allows for effective exploitation (using heat pump) in a district heating system.
Green Edge Compute is now ready to build its first data center. According to plan, the first step will be in place at 2021. The concept of recycling the heat from the data center has been developed in Statkraft driven R & D activity, Facilitation for establishment of power intensive industry and in close collaboration with Host Norway. Good example of collaboration across.