We welcome Aquila as our new neighbour at Hønefoss

Aquila is establishing a 10 MW data center in Hønefoss and hope to be operational within Q4 2021.

“To ensure that our data centre investments meet the highest standards in sustainability and energy efficiency, we accompany our projects locally along the entire value chain – from development to completion and beyond,” says Carl von Hessen, Investment Manager at Aquila. “Our clients receive a one-stop solution and at the same time benefit from our strong network of local partners.” 

Ringerike municipality has long industrial roots enabling them to attract and support this kind of investments. They keep working for power intensive industry establishments and have ensured that key infrastructure is adapted for this, and other clients. Thanks to these efforts they now see a data center cluster in the making and Statkraft is proud to cooperate with Ringerike municipality in the continuation of our datacenter project Site: Follum next to the Aquila project. 
“This proves Norway is competitive towards international datacenter business,” says Atle Haga, Vice President at Statkraft. “Our competitively priced renewables, governmental and local support make us attractive, and we look forward to follow this exiting project in the coming years”.