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Are you considering a Power Purchase Agreement for your company? 

Here is what you need to know. 

In today`s energy market, entering a Power Purchase Agreement is becoming an increasingly complicated task compared to 20 years ago. Volatile power markets, regulation changes and demands from consumers and society adds to the challenge. Also, needs of consumers and generators remain very different. As a result, tailor-made solutions are called for by both power consumers and generators.

Your key to success in the European power market

We believe tailor-made PPAs are the future of energy in Europe and a key to success in the European power market. If you have any questions related to the topic our experts are here to help you out. 

As an energy leader with over 100 years of history from the power market, we are trusted as a partner for customers across all industries in Europe. Being long-standing experts in Power Purchase Agreements, we are highly experienced in working with tailor-made PPAs.  



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“We continue to see increasing demand for PPA solutions, mainly for two reasons: the desire for long-term planning security in times of highly fluctuating and high market prices, and the demand for renewable and sustainable energies. We are increasingly observing that, in addition to large industrial companies, more and more medium-sized or smaller companies are asking for PPAs”.

Gennaro D’Annucci, Head of Origination France & Italy, Statkraft 


Eight key factors to consider before entering into a PPA 

Being the integrator in several tailor-made PPAs on a daily basis, our experts have recognized eight important factors every company should consider before entering into a PPA. Being aware of these factors will have a positive effect on the process. Both in terms of effectiveness and overall experience, but also in terms of cost, corporate socal responsibility goals, regulations and energy-profile are also key drivers for choices made in a PPA.

Key factors:  

  • PPA Terms – Choose contract duration and understand renewal options
  • Pricing Model – Decide on fixed or flexible pricing 
  • Origin of Electricity – Based on country and regions 
  • Supply Structure – Forecasted or produced power?
  • Start Date – Price will depend on the year of power delivery 
  • Technology – Solar, wind, hydro or a mix?
  • Integration –  Assess how delivery integrates into your company`s supply or hedging model 
  • Share of Supply – Determine the share of the supply the PPA should have

Awareness of these eight factors will greatly reduce the time spent on the PPA dealings between consumer and generator. As both a power integrator and generator, with access to both our own and third-party plants, we are uniquely positioned to assist both consumers and generators during PPA dealings. 

Tailor-made solutions: Meeting unique customer demands

Industrial and commercial customers often have unique requirements when it comes to designing PPAs. One company may prioritize sourcing electricity from a particular wind or solar farm, even within a specific region, while another customer may seek a PPA that encompasses a diverse range of technologies in the energy mix.

We go out of our way to meet client needs and create tailor-made agreements that work for every party involved. If we can`t match exactly what you are looking for, we will always explore and analyse the closest option available and present you with a valuable solution. 

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