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Solar panel
Photo: NTB scanpix
Solar panels
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

Rundedal solar park in the Netherlands

You profit from day one:

  • real power cost savings
  • reduced risk from power price fluctuations in the market
  • carbon-neutral and sustainable
  • could be fully funded by Statkraft (no impact on your balance sheet)
Sunshine and solar panel
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

Step 1: Together, we evaluate your cost-savings

Step 2: Statkraft finds the optimal turnkey solution that matches your business needs

Step 3: We provide a state-of-the-art installation of the PV modules on the selected surface

Step 4: Operations and maintenance: we can handle this for you

Step 5: You profit from the long-term benefits: financial planning and security

About Statkraft

Statkraft has been providing green energy for over 125 years. Solar power is at the heart of our strategy: we are committed to building over two gigawatts by 2025. Our experience in developing wind, hydro and solar power projects and in marketing the power output from these installations, makes us an expert for renewable energies and a reliable partner.

As Europe's largest renewable energy generator, we develop sustainable solutions for our customers worldwide. We have an A-credit rating and are owned by the Norwegian state.

Private-wire solar

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