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Industry Development: New green industry in Norway

Industry Development, a part of Statkraft, presents greenfield sites for large establishments in need of a greener footprint.

Industry Development acts as a facilitator for green industry sites in Norway, focusing on reducing investors' financial, development, and operational risks. By providing shovel-ready projects, Statkraft accelerates time to market and takes pride in its expertise as Europe's top renewable energy generator.

We aim to lower investor risk by offering stable and reliable green industrial areas and projects. The company's commitment to site portfolio maintenance and enhancement, coupled with its collaborative approach, drives projects like hydrogen production and renewable energy parks.

Norway's nearly entirely renewable electrical production results in some of Europe's lowest electricity prices and energy taxes. Investors benefit from the reliable high-voltage network and necessary infrastructure, contributing to reduced operational costs in one of Europe's safest and most stable societies.

We have cooperated closely with the power intensive industry for more than 125 years. Our facilitator role is a natural continuation of our role as Europe’s largest renewable provider. Investors will benefit from our rich heritage, long term stability and unparalleled expertise as the renewables powerhouse of Europe. In addition, Statkraft offers all kinds of short- or long-term power contracts, PPAs and market access services, in what is considered to be the most well-functioning power market in the world.

Value Proposition

Industry Development focuses on bringing big industrial projects to Norway by preparing ready-to-use sites, which lowers the risk for investors. Our deep history and knowledge of the global energy market make us a reliable and skilled partner. Here's how we can help:

Cut costs and reduce carbon footprint

Norway has Europe's lowest electricity prices and energy taxes. Our dependable power grid allows for green industries to operate without backup generators, which cuts costs significantly. Plus, nearly all of Norway's electricity is renewable, helping to lower your emissions worldwide.

Secure long-term investment

We ensure all the necessary infrastructure is in place for our sites, including access to a robust power grid, internet connectivity, roads, water, and sewage. Norway is one of the safest and most stable countries in Europe, offering minimal economic and political risk.

Reduce time to market

Our projects are already going through the zoning and application processes, ensuring a secure and competitive time to market for investors.

Our sites

World class reliable power

For over 120 years, Norway has provided industries with renewable energy. Our power supply is nearly 100% renewable, with hydropower as our backbone. We've boosted our electricity capacity with strong incentives for new renewable sources.

Norway's abundant resources and integrated Nordic electricity market mean we have the lowest prices in Europe. We have a significant power surplus, leading to the lowest regional prices. Norway is a top producer of wholesale power in Europe.

Our high voltage grid is one of the world's most reliable. The World Economic Forum's Energy Architecture Performance Index ranks Norway second globally, thanks to our vast renewable power, grid security, and well-developed interconnections.

Competitive electricity cost: Electricity in Norway is very cost-effective. The industry enjoys Europe's most favorable electricity taxes. Large consumers with consistent energy use can get up to 90% discounts on grid tariffs.

Expertise and favourable conditions

Norway offers a stable political environment and ranks highly for ease of business and low corruption. The regulations are transparent and welcoming to foreign investors.

Norway's leading industries in oil, gas, energy, maritime, and seafood ensure a skilled and motivated workforce. Industry sectors collaborate, supported by over 40 government-funded research and development clusters.

The environmental advantage lies in Norway's abundant hydro and wind power, significantly reducing CO2 emissions compared to coal-based power systems. Norway's climate provides natural cooling, further reducing power consumption.

Norway is free from extreme natural events like hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, or tornadoes, contributing to a high quality of life. It consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world, considering income, health, and emotional well-being.

Energy solutions and connectivity

We have a strong, enduring partnership with Norway's power-intensive industry, being the main power supplier to many of the largest energy consumers in the country, delivering about 12 TWh of power every year through long-term contracts.

  • Long term contracts: We tailor energy solutions to the specific needs and hedging strategies of its customers, ensuring the ability to supply large quantities of power throughout Norway.
  • Market access and energy services: Statkraft, a leading power trading company in Europe, offers a wide range of products and services in the Nordic power market. Nord Pool is recognized as a top provider of physical power supply markets in Europe, and Statkraft facilitates easy access to various types of physical power trading. NasdaqOMX manages the Nordic financial market, and Statkraft provides straightforward access to all its products, offering advanced hedging options up to a decade ahead. Additionally, Statkraft has a broad selection of non-standard products to customize risk and hedging strategies for clients.
  • Norway offers Exceptional connectivity: Norway boasts exceptional connectivity, with a data center in South-Eastern Norway capable of reaching nearly 300 million Europeans in just 20 milliseconds. Competitive redundancy packages are available from several leading international carriers. Our sites can provide multiple dark fibre solutions, connecting to major European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Stockholm, ensuring robust connectivity options for businesses.

Contact our industry Development team

The Industry Development team works to identify and develop greenfield sites for establishment of power intensive industries in Norway. Feel free to contact a team member for more information.