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Windfarm Midlum
26 Mar, 2021 11:00

Statkraft supplies solar and wind power on a large scale

Statkraft, together with Enovos, is integrating additional solar and wind power volumes on an industrial scale into the Mercedes-Benz green power concept. In Germany, in addition to the production pla...

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Salmon in river
Explained by Statkraft

Hydropower: Improving conditions for fish

Hydropower is renewable and flexible, and provides stable and secure energy from local resources. But all power development affects the environment, and power plants and dams can impact fish life in...

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Siri Langangen
27 Apr, 2020 18:16

Meaningful work drives employee momentum, even during crisis

Statkraft HR leader Siri Langangen believes that there are important lessons to be learned as we tackle the Covid-19 situation, especially when it comes to the power of meaningful work.

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Robot with PC
Explained by Statkraft

Financial algorithmic trading: Humans and machines join forces

In financial algorithmic trading, expectations of future trends in the energy market are bought and sold based on automated trading patterns. The interaction between machines and humans opens up...

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Numbers we're proud of

  • 65 TWh
    environment-friendly power generation
  • 92%
    renewable energy
  • 3 million
    energy related contracts traded per year

Latest news

Mounting solar panels on roof
Ringedalen power plant
Photo: Statkraft
Girl in green sweater

A sustainable future

Our ambition is to contribute to a more sustainable future by bringing renewable energy to industries, businesses, communities, and homes around the world.

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Statkraft in the world

We develop and operate renewable energy assets across Europe, South America and Asia. Explore our activities below.

Running water
Location: Tidong River
Photo: William Wootton

Why climate change and renewable energy can be difficult topics

Why is it sometimes so hard for neighbours to agree on what is actually happening to the climate?

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