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Join us at RE-Source

Meet the Statkraft Origination team and discuss green energy procurement with them from 7–11 December.

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Solar panels and sky
Rundedal solar energy park in The Netherlands
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

Leading the shift to renewable energy

We exist to lead the shift to a renewable energy world. Join us

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22 May, 2020 11:09

Responsible business practises

Sustainability in Statkraft isn’t just something that’s ‘nice to do’. It’s an integral part of how the company runs its business.

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Explained by Statkraft

Hydropower: Flood control

Climate change leads to more extreme weather with large amounts of precipitation over a short period. Sudden floods can cause major damage, but hydropower reservoirs can play an important role in...

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27 Apr, 2020 18:16

Meaningful work drives employee momentum, even during crisis

Statkraft HR leader Siri Langangen believes that there are important lessons to be learned as we tackle the Covid-19 situation, especially when it comes to the power of meaningful work.

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08 May, 2020 16:54

Statkraft’s need for talent continues despite global pandemic

With new hires steadily rolling in, Statkraft relies on virtual onboarding of new employees due to Covid-19 restrictions in all of its markets

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Numbers we're proud of

  • 61 TWh
    environment-friendly power generation
  • 93%
    renewable energy
  • 3 million
    energy related contracts traded per year

Latest news

Two employees inspecting technical equipment
Ringedalen power plant
Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen
Forest reflected in lake
Photo: Damian Heinisch

A sustainable future

Our ambition is to contribute to a more sustainable future by bringing renewable energy to industries, businesses, communities, and homes around the world.

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Statkraft in the world

We develop and operate renewable energy assets across Europe, South America and Asia. Explore our activities below.

Black and white image of man looking out over a fjord
Glomfjord, Norway
Photo: Statkraft

A pipeline inspection from Glomfjord in 1918 before HSSE was a focus.

125 years of renewable energy

Statkraft has been making clean energy possible for over a century. It began with hydropower in Norway, and expanded globally to harness a diverse and flexible supply of water, sun and wind.

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