Statkraft operates two biomass cogeneration plants in Germany: in Emden and in Landesbergen. Green energy is generated by the thermal recycling of used wood.

CO2-neutral, climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels

The CO2 stored in the wood during photosynthesis is released again by the combustion. Wood is therefore CO2-neutral and offers a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. The emissions caused by the combustion are cleaned and are subjected to strict controls.

Biomass plant lit up at night
Photo: Oliver Tjaden/Statkraft

Emden biomass plant by night

District heating in Emden

The location in Emden produces green electricity annually for approximately 40,000 households (140 GWh). In addition, up to 70 GWh of district heating are generated and delivered to the VW plant in Emden through a 2.5-kilometer pipeline.

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Trees in front of biomass plant
Photo: Oliver Tjaden/Statkraft

Landesbergen biomass plant

Power for 50,000 households annually in Landesbergen

The power plant in Landesbergen produces 150 GWh of electrical energy per year, equivalent to approximately 50,000 households. As in Emden, used wood is not only delivered by road, but also by water. For this purpose, the neighbouring port was taken into use by Statkraft.

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Biomass in numbers

  • 2
    Number of biomass plants
  • 43 MW
    Installed capacity

How our biomass plants work

A simplified diagram of the biomass power plant in Emden:

Illustration of biomass power plant

How our biomass plants work: A simplified diagram of the biomass power plant in Emden.

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Statkraft has biomass assets in Germany. Find out more about our biomass activities by exploring the map below.