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Mountains and lake
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Bitdalsdammen in Norway.

Skyscraper and trees in the sun
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Measures to reduce carbon emissions

To keep our planet’s temperature below breaking point, various measures to reduce carbon emissions have been taken nationally and internationally and include the creation of compliance and voluntary environmental markets.

  • Their aim is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions by creating economic incentives for emission reduction measures.
  • Statkraft has signed the Climate Neutral Now pledge, an initiative launched by UN Climate Change. As part of this, emission reduction targets have been set and unavoidable emissions are offset through certified emission reductions.

We support our customers in environmental markets worldwide

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)
The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme is the compliance market for large emitters in Europe.

  • EUAs are the tradable unit of one metric ton CO2
  • EUAAs are dedicated to the aviation sector

Californian Emissions Trading Scheme (CA-ETS)
The Californian Emissions Trading Scheme is the compliance market for large emitters in California. The instruments are:

  • California Carbon Allowances (CCAs)
  • California Carbon Offsets (CCOs)

Global carbon offset markets
Statkraft is active in voluntary markets with various standards for project-based carbon offsets.

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