Hydropower reservoir
Photo: Statkraft

The Banja reservoir, part of the Devoll Hydropower Project.


Statkraft has been present in Albania since 2007 and explored several potential projects before deciding to invest in the Devoll Hydropower Project in 2013.

In the Devoll Hydropower Project, the first hydropower plant came into operation in 2016 and Statkraft is working to finalise the construction of the second plant.

Statkraft’s operations in Albania also includes acting as a market operator for energy trading in the country, including the trading of the electricity generated through the Devoll Hydropower Project.

Statkraft operates in Albania through the subsidiary companies Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. and Statkraft Renewables Albania Sh.p.k.

Statkraft continues to explore potential opportunities to expand its investments in Albania.

Reservoir and dam
Banja reservoir Albania

The Banja reservoir, part of the Devoll Hydropower Project.

Key facts

  • Present in Albania since 2007
  • One hydropower plant in operation
  • One hydropower project in final stages of construction
  • Installed capacity of approximately 256 MW
  • Planned annual production of approximately 700 GWh

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Albania country office - Tirana
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Albania site office - Banja HPP
Devoll Hydropower Sh.A.

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