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For suppliers

Statkraft partners up with suppliers that contribute to our strategic target of delivering reliable, renewable and cost competitive energy to our customers.

Our procurement process ensures that all bidders are treated equally, that the process itself is predictable to all participants, and that our decisions are verifiable. Our procurements are conducted in a sustainable and responsible manner and we use suppliers who accept to operate in accordance with Statkraft’s Suppliers Code of Conduct.

How to become a supplier

If you are a supplier targeting the Norwegian, Swedish or German market we recommend that you register in the Utilities Nordics & Central Europe (UNCE) qualification scheme. UNCE is an EU-approved qualification scheme and supplier register for the entire Nordic and Central European energy industry.

If you are a potential supplier to our District Heating activities, you are required to be registered in UNCE in ordered to be considered as a supplier.

All other countries please contact the local procurement department.

All our suppliers must adhere to Statkraft's Supplier Code of Conduct.

New Procurement Platform

Statkraft will change sourcing and contract management tool from Contiki to JAGGAER in 2021. Existing suppliers will be asked to follow the e-mail with instructions to be sent by Alexander Beux, Procurement Platform System Manager.

There will be a period where Contiki and JAGGAER will be used in parallel. We will start the roll-out of the new Statkraft Procurement Platform from end of June, and from September all new sourcing events will be published through the JAGGAER platform. Sourcing events already initiated through Contiki will finalize in Contiki.

Background for this change

Statkraft is changing its procurement platform because many of the tools we currently use in the Source to Pay process are close to end of life. The tools are old-fashion and lack integration, making the process cumbersome for both Statkraft and suppliers.

The new procurement platform will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1 is the sourcing and contract management modules being implemented now.
  • Phase 2 will be supplier management module with go-live end of 2021.
  • Phase 3 will be eProcurement module with go-live Q2 2022.

With the new platform we will have a modern, more holistic platform, reusing information across Statkraft, and simplifying the process for both Statkraft and suppliers.

Useful links:

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our procurement procedures or how to qualify as a Statkraft supplier.

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