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Male and female statkraft employees
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Employment and diversity

Our people are our greatest asset. That's why we work to ensure a working environment characterised by equality, diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect for our 4,000 employees.

Diversity in the workplace

We believe uniqueness is powerful and that diversity in background, skills, and gender is key for the success of our business.

In addition to our strong global policies on labour practices, we also have a number of country-specific initiatives aimed at improving our working culture through greater equality, diversity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect.

To build a better understanding of how we perform on these dimensions and where we can drive improvements, we monitor employee perception over time. We also have several training and awareness programs in place to ensure that our people are treated with dignity and prevent discrimination. 

We have a special emphasis on gender diversity within our business and believe that women should be able to have full and effective participation in the workplace, with equal opportunities for leadership. Our current goal is to have women representation in at least 40 per cent of top management positions. We have reached 27 per cent so far, and we have introduced new initiatives to boost progress, including an unconscious bias training program.

Female Statkraft employee
Photo: Tine Poppe

40% women

Our long-term target is 40 per cent women in top management positions

Approach and initiatives for high labour standards

We have a strong track record of responsible and equitable business, and we have an opportunity to promote the high standards that we have always practiced.    

Wherever we operate, our employees and contractors should work under safe, secure and fair conditions. We support and respect internationally recognised labour rights, we believe in equal treatment, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

We also respect and support the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced labour and the ending of child labour.

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