Statkraft Sweden is the fourth largest power producer in Sweden and operates 54 hydropower plants with a total production of 5.4 TWh.

In addition to hydropower plants, Statkraft also operates four wind farms in the regions of Västernorrland and Jämtland in Sweden. Combined, they consist of 186 wind turbines generating 1.6 TWh per year.

Statkraft owns and operates the district heating facilities in Kungsbacka, Trosa, Vagnhärad and Åmål. Together they produce approximately 1.6 TWh per year. The production is based on 99.9 per cent renewable fuels.

Statkraft Sweden also has a large-scale trading operation that sells both electricity and portfolio management and is an important player within energy trading and certificates.

Statkraft Sweden has approximately 215 employees.

Hydropower plant
Gäddede hydropower plant, Sverige
Photo: Statkraft

Key facts

  • 54 hydropower plants
  • Four wind farms
  • Four district heating plants
  • 215 employees

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