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Power purchase agreements

Statkraft is a leading provider of short- and long-term power purchase agreements.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a contract between an energy seller and a buyer.

Statkraft’s role is to match the needs of all parties, off-taking substantial risk and maximising profits.

The actual structure of the contract depends on market regulations as well as the needs and risk appetite of all parties involved and is defined together with our teams.

A generic overview of different types of PPAs is provided below:

Illustration of power production, storage and agreements

Power, storage and flexibility purchase agreements for producers

PPAs suitable for all intermittent energy sources and flexible assets as well as projects that are bank or equity-financed to enable their development:

  • different pricing models and durations of contract
  • turnkey optimisation for flexible generation​
  • physical or financial
Illustration of power supply

Power purchase agreements for large-scale energy consumers and industries

PPAs suitable for businesses wishing to buy renewable energy at competitive prices. These contracts are also referred to as power supply agreements.

  • different delivery models and contract durations
  • tailored pricing schemes to accommodate the customer's supply and hedging strategies​
  • with or without guarantees of origin
  • Statkraft can cover up to 100 per cent of the electricity consumption with renewable energy

Statkraft matches the needs of all parties


One of the challenges in the energy market is that owners of renewable plants and power consumers do not have the same needs. One wants uninterrupted supply, the other can only sell power when it is produced according to weather conditions.

To resolve this conflict, Statkraft meets the needs of both parties:


  • Offering predictability and security of supply to consumers thanks to a large portfolio of power plants combining water, solar and wind to ensure a steady supply.

  • Providing financial predictability and security for plant owners through the ability to generate stable, predictable revenues.


Førrevassdammen, in Norway.
Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen

Since 1895

Statkraft offers sustainable green energy solutions globally based on our 125 years of expertise in developing, building and operating hydropower, solar and wind installations.

Illustration with map of Europe

Leader in PPAs

In Europe, we are the no. 1 producer of renewable power and a leading provider of power purchase agreements. We are Norwegian state-owned and have an A- credit rating.

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