Green hydrogen

With experience from more than a century of renewable energy generation, Statkraft is now preparing to offer green hydrogen.

We aim to use our renewable energy supply to power electrolysis, providing green hydrogen as a climate-friendly and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for industry customers and the construction and transportation sectors.

Hydrogen meter
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We aim to provide:

  • On-site production of hydrogen for your industry operations powered by our renewable energy.
  • Production of hydrogen as an energy resource for the building and construction sector.
  • Production of hydrogen as fuel for heavy transportation (trucks, ferries, long haul marine transport, ships, trains, busses, heave transportation).
Water drops on green leaves
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Benefits of green hydrogen

  • Produced from renewable energy sources: The conventional production method extracts hydrogen using fossil fuels. With green hydrogen, renewable energy is used to power the electrolysis process of breaking down water in to hydrogen.

  • Versatile use areas: Hydrogen can be used as a fuel, to generate electricity and heat, and as a raw material in industrial processes and products.

  • Reduces CO₂ emissions: Using fossil fuels to produce hydrogen also produces climate-damaging carbon dioxide that escapes into the atmosphere. Through electrolysis using renewable energy, the only by-product to hydrogen is oxygen which can either be used for other applications or simply be released into the environment. CO2 emissions can also be reduced by replacing fossil fuels and fossil feedstock with renewable hydrogen.

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