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Statkraft manages significant Norwegian hydropower resources and is Norway's largest power generator and Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. The company’s origins go back to 1895 and is today one of the country's largest groups. The headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

Our Norwegian operations involve 334 hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 15,722 MW, four wind power plants with an installed capacity of 378 MW and 24 district heating plants.

Statkraft’s ownership in other Norwegian regional power companies include the shareholdings in Skagerak Energi, BKK and Agder Energi. Statkraft also has a large share of long-term power contracts with industrial companies in Norway.

Statkraft has for almost 30 years been a significant market player in Nordic energy trading.

Statkraft invests about NOK 1 billion annually within hydropower rehabilitation in Norway. The company’s normal production in Norway increased 1.8 per cent through rehabilitation and expansions from the years 2005 to 2020. The various reinvestments have given a total of approximately 1,000 GWh of new energy production.

At Fosen in Central Norway, Statkraft is currently developing Europe's largest onshore wind project on behalf of Fosen Vind DA. The project includes six wind farms, with a combined capacity of 1,000 MW.

Many of Statkraft’s new business initiatives have originated and are being developed in Norway, including electric vehicle (EV) charging, data centre sites, green hydrogen and biofuel.

Office buildings with decorative turbine outside
Oslo, Norway
Photo: Karl H. Ystanes

Statkraft's main office is located at Lilleaker in Oslo

Key facts

  • Statkraft origins go back to 1895 in Norway
  • 334 hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 15,722 MW
  • Four wind power plants with an installed capacity of 378 MW
  • 24 district heating plants
  • NOK 1 billion invested annually within hydropower rehabilitation in Norway

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Main office in Oslo
Statkraft AS

+47 24 06 70 01


Lilleakerveien 6

P.O. Box 200, Lilleaker

NO-0216 Oslo

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