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Lars Petter Pettersen


Vinje power plant

Norway / Hydropower / Power plant

Vinje power plant is located in Vinje Municipality in Vestfold and Telemark County.

  • 1964
    Entered into operation
  • 300 MW
    Installed capacity
  • 1,060 GWh
    Annual production

The power plant was commissioned in 1964 with two generating units.

Vinje power plant gets its operating water from an intake in Lake Våmarvatn. Water is also transferred to Lake Våmarvatn from Lake Totak. From Lake Våmarvatn water travels in a three-kilometre-long head race tunnel down to Vinje power plant on the upper part of Lake Vinjevatn.

The gross height of fall is 295 metres.

In 1965 the third and final generating unit in the power plant was commissioned. The three units together have an installed capacity of 300 MW. All units are equipped with Francis turbines.


Company Ownership share
Statkraft 100%
  • Vinje power plant
    Erling Nystad

    Entry portal and access tunnel to Vinje power plant inside the mountain.

  • Vinje power plant
    Tor Ole Solheim

    Access tunnel to machine hall is one kilometre long.

  • Vinje power plant

    Machine hall showing three generating units

  • Vinje power plant
    Tor Ole Solheim

    Turbine shaft and servo linkages to guide vanes

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