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For energy consumers

Statkraft supplies industrial and commercial consumers with energy, matching their individual needs, managing their risk profile and helping them become carbon-neutral.

We provide our customers with a wide range of standard and tailor-made products, including physical supply, hedging and green energy solutions.

Illustration of the transition to a green energy future: renewable energy production, EVs and charging station
Man working with steel
Photo: Shutterstock, 211763482, Planar

Case study: power-intensive industries

  • For power-intensive industries, the power cost is a large proportion of the total production costs.
  • Statkraft has a long-standing history of assisting industrials in mitigating their long-term power risk.

Read an example in our press release section

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Case study: green energy, sustainability and CO2-neutrality targets

If your company has set climate-related targets, your stakes are high and the strategies and solutions we offer are designed to meet your challenges: 

  • We offer up to 100 per cent green electricity from both existing and 3rd party assets tailored to your consumption. We provide physical renewable supply and renewable electricity certificates including guarantees of origin (GoOs). Through power purchase agreements (PPAs), we can cover your energy needs at a foreseeable and manageable price, enabling your transition to 100 per cent green.

  • To meet your CO2 neutrality objectives, we offer certificates to compensate for remaining emissions in your transition phase.

  • To achieve your cost-saving objectives, we can provide turnkey on-site renewable production and storage solutions as well as on-site e-mobility infrastructures.

Read an example in our press release section

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