Statkraft has been active in Nepal since 1993, when the company engaged in the development of the Khimti hydropower project. This was the first international hydropower project in Statkraft.

Statkraft’s entry into Nepal in 1993 was connected to the development of the Khimti hydropower plant at Kirne, 100km east of the capital Kathmandu.

The power plant is owned by the subsidiary Himal Power Ltd (HPL) and accounts for nearly 15 per cent of Nepal's total electricity production.

Statkraft is the majority owner in Himal Power Limited (HPL) with a share of 57.1 per cent. The other owners are the Norwegian energy company BKK (26%) and local investor Butwal Power Company (16.9%).

Khimti hydropower plant has been in commercial operation since July 2000 and has an installed capacity of 60 MW. The average production is 350 GWh/year.

In addition to operation and maintenance of Khimti hydropower plant, HPL has been involved in several environmental and social projects the area, supporting education, irrigation, electrification and healthcare.

Hydropower plant
Photo: Statkraft

Valley by Khimti hydropower plant

Key facts

  • Present in Nepal since 1993
  • One operational hydropower plant
  • Installed capacity of 60 MW
  • Average annual production of 350 GWh
Nepal country office - Kathmandu
Himal Power Ltd.

Bijaya Niwas, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

P.O. Box 12740


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