For energy suppliers

Are you looking to source energy for your end-customers or to optimise your portfolio? Statkraft supplies energy and market-based optimisation services for retail companies in the energy business.

Being both Europe’s largest renewable energy generator and a major player in financial and wholesale markets, we understand the risks involved in purchasing and selling power. We mitigate risks such as weather and price fluctuations as well as changes in regulations and macroeconomics. We optimise your portfolio and maximise the output of your assets.

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Our services allow you to concentrate on your business: taking care of your end customers while leaving price and volume risks with Statkraft.

  • Supplying energy to cover up to 100 per cent of your power demand: our solutions range from power trades and hedging services to full merchant risk management with dedicated PPAs
  • Hedging services with futures and options that mitigate energy price risks
  • 24/7 forecasting and balancing of your portfolio
  • Flexible asset management and value maximisation
  • Certificates of origin and other renewable energy and emissions related units
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Trading expertise

Statkraft is one of the most important actors in the European energy market. We trade energy in more than 20 countries and are active on 13 energy exchanges.

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