Statkraft Markets GmbH opened its office in Düsseldorf in 1999 with a primary focus on renewable energy management and has since then developed into a continental hub for customer energy solutions and trading.

Since 2009, Statkraft has been operating ten hydropower plants (nine run-of-river and one pumped-storage), five gas power stations (of which two are in cold-reserve and one is a shared asset) and two biomass power plants in Germany. The operation of these power plants is optimised by the dispatch department in the Düsseldorf office.

In 2018, Statkraft has built its first solar power plant in Germany and in 2021 the company added 39 wind farms across Germany to its onshore wind power portfolio.

From Germany, more than 300 employees work with operations that span across 20 countries. Their core activities include:

  • trading of electricity and commodities
  • providing markets access for third parties (Statkraft is the largest direct marketer in Germany)
  • finding energy solutions and supplying green energy for industrial and commercial consumers and energy suppliers
  • developing wind and solar projects
  • managing new business initiatives such as electric vehicle (EV) charging
  • supporting the business with key activities such as compliance, IT, finance and communications

Statkraft Markets GmbH actively contributes to the growth of renewables in the German market, amongst others, through power purchase agreements for subsidy-free and post-EEG wind and solar plants.

Hydropower plant at dusk
Dörverden, Germany
Photo: Statkraft

Hydropower plant in Dörverden

Key facts

  • 10 hydropower plants (9 run-of-river and 1 pumped-storage), 39 wind farms, 1 solar farm, 5 gas power stations (of which two are in cold-reserve and one is a shared asset) and 2 biomass power plants
  • Over 300 employees
  • Trading, market access, energy solutions and project development

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