Drakenburg hydropower plant

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The run-of-river hydropower plant Drakenburg in Lower Saxony in Germany is located along the Weser River.

  • 1956
  • 5 MW
    Installed capacity
  • 26.5 GWh
    Annual production

The power plant was commissioned in 1956 and has a generating capacity of 5 MW thanks to its three Kaplan turbines. At the beginning of 2009 Statkraft took over the plant from E.ON.

A run-of-river power station uses the movement of the water to generate energy. The water pressure created by overcoming differences in height puts the turbine wheels into operation, thereby powering a generator that generates electricity.

The central control room for monitoring Statkraft’s run-of-river hydropower plants in the Weser, Werra, Fulda and Eder rivers is located in the pumped-storage power plant Erzhausen.


Drakenburg hydropower plant
Drakenburg hydropower plant. (Photo: Oliver Tjaden)
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Statkraft 100%

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