Herdecke gas-fired power plant

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The gas-fired power plant is located in Herdecke near Dortmund in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

  • 2007
  • 417 MW
    Installed capacity
  • 511.9 GWh
    Annual production

It was commissioned in autumn 2007 and has a generating capacity of 417 MW.

Mark-E operates the plant, which is owned by Statkraft and Mark-E on a 50/50 basis. Energy is efficiently transformed into electricity with the combined cycle power plant. Through the combustion of natural gas and compressed air, pressure builds up and drives a turbine to generate power. Following this process, steam turbines generate even more energy using the remaining heat and steam. Compared to coal, gas power production emits between 50 and 70 per cent less CO2.

Across the European markets, there is currently an increasing need for such capacity as existing nuclear and coal plants shut down over the next decade. Wind and solar power being dependant on weather conditions and storage not being sufficiently available yet, the flexible use of gas-fired power plants ensures a transition to 100% clean energy.

Our production is compliant under the EU Emission Trading System, and in alignment with our pledge to UN Climate Neutral Now, emissions are fully compensated with European Emission Allowances (EUAs).


The gas-fired power plant at Herdecke
The gas-fired power plant at Herdecke. (Photo: Statkraft)
Company Ownership share
Statkraft 50%
Mark-E 50%

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