Virtual power plants

Wind power, solar energy, bioenergy and hydropower are generated by numerous producers spread geographically. By connecting them virtually, Statkraft bundles them into one large-scale and reliable supplier.

The artificially created entity can be traded in the market but can also be directly connected with small- and large-scale consumers such as storage and industrial consumers. Statkraft Unity, our trading platform, allows our customers’ intermittent renewable generation to be scheduled seamlessly. The flexibility of the renewable plants can thus be fully leveraged and work to the advantage of the power generators as well as the grid operators and energy consumers.



Today, Statkraft operates the largest VPP in Europe: more than 10 GW installed capacity from over 1,000 power generators are equivalent to 10 thermal power plants and could power a major city.

In Germany and in the UK, as part of our market access services and power purchase agreements, we offer the integration of our VPP.

Duncan Dale portrait
"Statkraft Unity uses a combination of computer algorithms and expert trader supervision to enable flexible generation assets and customer consumption to be deployed optimally. It makes billions of calculations a year and steers devices in real-time, adjusting to best utilise the changing availability of wind and solar resources."
Duncan Dale
VP Sales & New Products UK