Our approach to sustainability

Our business shall be sustainable and responsible. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide direction for our work and we are guided by international frameworks and best practice. Engagement with our stakeholders is also an essential part of our approach.

wind turbines and sheep
Baille wind farm

Statkraft’s sustainability strategy

Statkraft aims to be one of the world’s leading renewables companies by 2025. Through its activities, Statkraft aims to create value for society, the environment and the company. 

Sustainability strategy

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Photo: Alexander Hagstadius


Our approach to sustainability is continuously evolving, along with our business strategy and international developments. The Statkraft management system includes policies and requirements which guide us in our daily work.

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Responsible supply chain

Statkraft seeks to ensure a responsible business practice through avoiding purchases that have adverse impacts on people, society and the environment. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the requirements to our business partners, and we follow-up our suppliers through contract obligations.

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Our commitments

We have established a number of commitments to make sure that our approach is translated into concrete business actions.

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