Hydropower: we manage the most flexible assets

Statkraft began operating hydropower plants over 125 years ago in Norway. Hydropower plants can start within minutes and their level of output is easily controlled. Our experience in managing our own assets is the basis for effective management of third party facilities.

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Solar panels and wind turbines
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Intermittent power generation: we optimise their operations

Wind and solar power both depend on immediate weather conditions we cannot influence. However, they can be easily switched on or off, even remote-controlled. By combining them into one virtual power plant, Statkraft bundles them into a large-scale and reliable supplier. Within the virtual plant, the intermittent assets can be combined with flexible generation and storage and can contribute to the overall stability of the energy system. 

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Storage: we create additional value

For our customers, we offer to maximise the value of grid-scale batteries and flexible generation facilities in the short-term energy markets and ancillary services markets. We integrate your assets into our virtual power plant. It allows us to remotely send schedules to the facility and read active power output in order to optimise your assets and your revenue streams.

Roof of a thermal generation power plant
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Flexible thermal generation plants

Across Europe, we optimise the flexibility or our customers’ assets and generation portfolios through virtual power plants or by concluding tolling agreements.

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