We are present in six regions in Peru. Our nine hydropower plants in the country have a combined output of 450 MW of 100 per cent renewable energy.

Statkraft’s operations in Peru started in 2003 when SN Power, then owned by Statkraft and Norfund, purchased the company Cahua, which operated the Cahua, Pariac, Gallito Ciego and Arcata hydropower plants. In 2008, Cahua merged with company Electroandes, which operated four hydropower plants (Malpaso, Yaupi, Pachachaca and La Oroya).

In 2014, Statkraft purchased an additional 7 per cent of the shares of Norfund, thus increasing its interest by 67 per cent of the company's total shareholding. After this purchase, SN Power Peru was renamed Statkraft Peru and took over the company’s asset management.

(Photo: Statkraft)

In Peru, we generate approximately 2,500 GWh per year, which is equivalent to providing lighting for more than 1,800,000 Peruvian households

In the areas that we operate and indirectly influence, we have contributed to 53 communities and more than 30,000 beneficiaries through our Social Responsibility projects.

Aerial photo of hydropower plant
Gallito Ciego hydropower plant, Peru
Photo: Statkraft

Key facts

  • Nine hydropower plants in operation
  • 450 MW installed capacity
  • Annual production of approximately 2,500 GWh
  • 100 per cent renewable energy

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