• 1928
    Entered into operation
  • 10 MW
    Installed capacity
  • 44 GWh
    Annual production

The water used by the Pachachaca plant comes from the Pomacocha reservoir, which stores water in the flood season and is maintained throughout the year with the runoff from the upper areas such as Huallacocha Alta and the lakes in Huallacocha Baja. The water is then channelled to the Taza Nueva reservoir. In addition, the water from the Taza Vieja reservoir is conveyed via a pipe to the powerhouse, which also receives the water from the other two reservoirs. The powerhouse is equipped with three generation units.


The Pachachaca hydropower plant
The Pachachaca hydropower plant. (Photo: Statkraft)

The Pachachaca hydropower plant has been operational since 1917 and the annual energy production is about 44 GWh, enough to power approximately 31,000 homes.

Statkraft Peru implements corporate responsibility programs intended to build capacities and educational competences in the schools in the area influenced by the Pachachaca hydropower plant. Also, we are involved in joint efforts with the Government to launch educational campaigns on water-related issues, quality education and health among other things. Additionally, environmental controls are in place as part of the environmental monitoring program and solid waste integral management.


The Pachachaca hydropower plant
The Pachachaca hydropower plant. (Photo: Statkraft)
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