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Woman with charger cable
Photo: Gunstein Myhre

Statkraft is an active provider of solutions for charging electric cars.

E-mobility solutions

Statkraft has been producing renewable energy since 1895. Today, we use it to power electric vehicles.

Electrification is a main step towards a low-emission society and will cut future emissions significantly in buildings, industry and transport. By 2050, all new passenger cars in Europe will be electric*. The power behind the massive electrification that is on its way, should come from renewable sources.

Statkraft is Europe's largest supplier of renewable electricity, and we aim to increase production and be an active contributor to the electrification of society.

Statkraft’s charging business will be gathered under one organisation and rebranded to Mer in Q1 2021. Mer’s mission is to make the shift to sustainable e-mobility easy and accessible to European EV drivers, by offering innovative solutions and customer experiences.

*Source: Statkraft's Low Emissions Report 2020

Click on the logo below to learn more about Mer (Norwegian text): 

Mer logo

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