What we do

At Statkraft, we develop and operate renewable energy assets, buy and sell energy and invest 100 per cent of our growth entirely in renewables. We have been making clean energy possible for over a century and continue to lead the way towards a carbon free future.

Energy generation

We are Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, developing, building and operating hydro, wind, solar, gas and biomass assets. We are expanding globally to increase renewable power generation from water, wind and sun.

Renewable energy solutions

Through our market activities, district heating and cooling services, we create value for our customers and the societies we operate in. We also continue to innovate, putting renewable energy to work in new ways.

The Statkraft story: "We've always been about the future"

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"We believe that a fully clean energy world can happen today, not just because it’s right but because it’s better business."
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen
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Photo: Robert S. Eik

Tomorrow’s energy solutions

By driving technology development, bringing new market solutions to maturity and putting renewable energy to work in new ways, we are leading the shift to renewable energy.

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