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AgriPV: Harmonizing Energy and Agriculture

AgriPV, or Agricultural Photovoltaics, is an innovative solution that combines energy production with agricultural land use. As the EU sets ambitious targets for renewable energy, AgriPV stands out as a sustainable path forward. Explore this page to learn about Agri PVs role in this green revolution, our position, and why to connect with us.

What is Agri PV?

AgriPV refers to the innovative practice of integrating solar photovoltaic panels with agricultural land use to create a harmonious coexistence of solar energy generation and agricultural activities.

AgriPV is diverse, ranging from co-use of land to fully integrated AgriPV, our approach is adaptable and specific to the local context of the land, regulation and technical feasibility 

AgriPV Benefits

  • Enviromental benefits
    Enviromental benefits

    Solar panel shading improves microclimates, boosts biodiversity, reduces evapotranspiration, and prevents soil erosion. AgriPV supports sustainable agriculture with reduced reliance on pesticides, chemical agents, and heavy machinery.

  • Economic Viability
    Economic Viability

    AgriPV provides farmers with additional income streams, promotes local employment, and contributes to local revenues through taxes.

  • Agricultural Benefits:
    Agricultural Benefits:

    The systems optimize land co-use, offer crop shade, reduce water evaporation, protect against extreme weather, and preserve soil quality.

  • Land Optimization
    Land Optimization

    It maximizes land use efficiency, combining energy generation with agricultural productivity, especially in land-scarce regions.

Statkraft's Role in AgriPV Innovation

As a global company, Statkraft is uniquely positioned to bring research and innovation to the forefront of AgriPV development. We are committed to working with industry leaders, farmers, and policymakers to refine and advance AgriPV practices, making them more accessible and effective.

Statkraft has also launched an internal initiative called "The AgriPower Initiative" aimed at developing knowledge about agrivoltaism and building effective tools for developing smart projects.

Addressing the Challenges

While the benefits are clear, we also acknowledge the challenges such as initial investment costs, maintenance requirements, and potential impacts on crop yields. Statkraft is dedicated to addressing these concerns through meticulous planning and collaboration with experts, ensuring the continuous improvement of AgriPV practices.

Why Agri PV and why now?

The need for renewable energy is growing in response to climate change and the race to net zero economies.The conflict in Ukraine has made energy independence crucial, leading to a rapid development of renewables, especially in the EU. 

AgriPV combines the power of solar energy with the productivity of farming. In the EU, where there's a lot of farmland, this idea has huge potential.The European Commission's Joint Research Centre believe that by turning just 1% of our farmland into solar energy fields, we could produce more than 900 GW of power. That's six times what we're making now, all without needing any extra space. It's a smart, efficient way to boost our energy supply.


Want to join our Agri PV journey?

There are many reasons to get in touch with us:

  • Do you have research and development ideas or have a project in mind that could benefit from collaboration? Submit your proposals and let's explore partnership opportunities!


  • Got an AgriPV project you're eager to get off the ground? Share your project with us and let's make it a reality together.


  • Curious about AgriPV or what innovative strides we're making? Discover more about our work and how we're pushing the boundaries of agricultural photovoltaics.


  • If you've developed an innovative structure or tool and are looking for a platform to showcase it, come present your innovation to us. We're excited to see what you've created!
Send your proposals, questions, ideas here:
Emma Azeau
AgriPower Initiative Leader

Study on Sheep Well-being with Photovoltaic Panels

In a pioneering study, Statkraft, along with CVE and INRAE, investigated the effects of photovoltaic panels on sheep grazing from 2022 to 2023. The research aimed to determine if these solar installations influenced the sheep's well-being, behavior, health, and environment.

Key findings were:

  • Sheep's daily activities were unaffected by photovoltaic panels.
  • Panels provided shade, reducing heat stress and potentially extending grazing.
  • Sheep health remained stable, with no impact from the panels.
  • Management changes resolved initial injury concerns.
  • Panels may protect against frosts, improving grazing conditions.

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