For power generators

We buy and market your energy, mitigate your risks and ensure profitability for your assets and construction projects, in the short- and long-term.

Statkraft is Europe’s largest renewable power generator and number one market access provider. We connect power generators and developers to energy markets worldwide. 

Through 125 years of experience in managing our own power plants, we know the risks you are facing as asset operators and developers. This makes us the perfect partner. We secure a foreseeable income for wind-, solar- and hydropower plants as well as biomass, batteries and storage.

How can we help?

Man with green helmet
"Our company was founded in 2000. We plan and manage wind parks. Starting with three employees, we now count 15. With our 40 wind farms, we try to produce as much renewable energy as possible, so that Statkraft can market our power. Statkraft is remote-controlling our stations within their virtual power plant to maximise their output. Twenty years ago, we had a fixed tariff through subsidies. Today we have been entering the subsidy-free era and are covering this part with Statkraft. They are forecasting and managing the production for best efficiency."
BMR energy solutions GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Guido Rulands, General Manager
Statkraft's main office building

The Statkraft difference 

  • 125 years of renewable experience, owned by the Norwegian state, A- credit rating
  • leading power purchase agreement (PPA) provider in Europe
  • tailor-made solutions adapted to your risk profile
  • certified processes
  • 24/7 operations across 20 markets

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