Workplace flexibility, hybrid working

A lot has happened since March 2020 when it comes to how we work in Statkraft. The pandemic has truly changed the way many of us collaborate with colleagues, teams, and leaders, and what we value in terms of work-life balance. Workplace flexibility has not only become an expectation, but also an integrated part of the way many people in Statkraft now work and interact.

In Statkraft, we view hybrid work as an opportunity that can be leveraged to increase quality, productivity, and engagement.

When used in the right way, more flexibility can improve collaboration, inclusiveness, and the work-life balance for people in Statkraft. At the same time, we still believe very much in the power of physical connection and collaboration. Many interactions and processes improve when people work in closer proximity. Physical presence also helps us to strengthen the Statkraft culture and safeguard certain aspects of HSSE and mental health.

Based on our experiences from the pandemic and the feedback from leaders and employees, we have chosen a 60/40 approach, in which employees can work up to 40 per cent remotely throughout a week. This agreement must be discussed between the team leader and employee, to figure out how the set-up can best benefit both the individual and the team.

The target group for remote work is mainly office-based employees in Statkraft, as there are certain roles and positions in Statkraft that require physical presence to perform the work safely and in a good way.

We spoke to some of our employees about working life changes at Statkraft: