Heating and cooling

We have experience from waste heat recovery and district heating since 1982. Today we offer district heating and cooling for a variety of purposes.

We offer district heating for commercial buildings, industry and housing at 13 different locations in Norway and Sweden. In addition to heating buildings, district heating can also be used for cooling purposes.

In addition to operating the district heating plants, we establish infrastructure consisting of a network of underground insulated pipes that transport the heat to its destination. This infrastructure contributes to a flexible energy network where other energy sources, such as excess heat from industry or other local waste heat sources, can be connected to the central network.

We also offer district heating as heating and drying out for building sites as an important contribution for a fossil free construction site. District heating is also used for snow melting and heating sidewalks to ensure safer transportation during winter.

The Statkraft Varme website is only available in Norwegian and Swedish.

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