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Our ambition to provide renewable energy to more people across the world calls for collaboration with experts within and beyond our sector. We collaborate to share our expertise, to drive innovation, and to better understand the risks and opportunities linked to our business.

Partnering with purpose

We enter into partnerships based on shared commitments, complementary areas of expertise and common values. We establish and nurture partnerships that have a clear connection to our core business in order to address our industry-specific challenges relating to renewable energy infrastructure, operations, services, and impacts.

Our key partnerships are with the following organisations:


548 million people are having their days cut short living without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. A small invention like a solar light can change that. SolarAid’s mission is to light up every home, school and clinic in Africa by 2030, using safe, clean solar power. With a solar light, everything changes.

Statkraft is donating £2m GBP to SolarAid over three years. Find out more about SolarAid and how we are helping them to End the Darkness.

Scubadivers in mountain lake
Photo: Bjørn Barlaup

Trout cultivation

WWF Norway

Our partnership with WWF Norway provides us with a critical view on our environmental impacts and our management of these. Both organisations share a vision of strengthening the role of renewable energy in the development of a low carbon future, and the partnership is especially valuable for managing the key trade-offs that we face between operating our business and safeguarding the environment.

Read about WWF Norway (NO)

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Man in red vest
Photo: The Norwegian Red Cross

Norwegian Red Cross

We partner with the Norwegian Red Cross to support humanitarian initiatives in Norwegian communities. In times of increased outdoor life, extreme weather and risk of damages to infrastructure, our partnership encompasses training, equipment, volunteers and competence exchange on search and rescue challenges. Local presence and cooperation have proven to be appreciated and valuable for all parties involved.

Read about the Norwegian Red Cross

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