Labour Conditions, including health, safety and security

We are committed to helping our people translate their ideas and knowledge into impactful action. Reflecting that, Statkraft supports and respects internationally recognised labour rights.

In line with our commitment to respect labour rights, Statkraft recognises the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour, the effective abolition of child labour and the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.

A crucial part of Statkraft’s dedication to secure thriving labour conditions is to create a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. Statkraft recognises the right to life as a central element to the company's commitment to human rights, and actively works to minimise operations that may pose safety risks to workers or neighbouring communities.

To secure a safe workplace in all operations, Statkraft continues to focus on the ‘Powered by Care’ programme as a framework for managing employee health, safety and security (HSS) with an overarching goal of no serious injuries.

For Statkraft, a positive working environment means that all employees are able to enjoy an environment that is free from harassment and other forms of degrading treatment that may have a substantial impact on mental health. Statkraft has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, bullying and harassment. To prevent discrimination and to ensure that people are treated with dignity, Statkraft conducts training and awareness programs.

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