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Management Systems for Human Rights

Statkraft works constantly to ensure that human rights are embedded in our business policies and practices, and to strengthen and promote our grievance mechanisms throughout our operations.

Statkraft recognises that global businesses face dilemmas and tradeoffs related to sustainability in general and human rights specifically. Consequently, the company makes every effort to understand and manage potential negative impacts through a risk-based approach that ultimately seeks to balance societal needs against Statkraft’s operations by fully integrating such considerations into its business processes.

Statkraft’s general management system, “The Statkraft Way,” reflects how sustainability is embedded throughout our business and operations. As part of Statkraft’s systematic approach to working with sustainability, policies and other governing documents are reviewed and updated as the landscape surrounding laws, expectations, and associated challenges constantly evolves.

Our commitment

Statkraft's Corporate Management's Human Rights Commitment Statement outlines our commitment to respect human rights. We work systematically to integrate various human rights considerations into our core processes, including procurement, mergers and acquisitions, human resources management, capital investments and greenfield developments.

Human rights commitment statement.JPG

Download our Corporate Management’s Commitment Statement here.

Grievance mechanisms

Statkraft continuously works to establish efficient and transparent grievance mechanisms for our projects. These processes are established in recognition of the importance of transparency and accountability throughout all activities and project cycles.

The concerns and complaints of project-affected people and other stakeholders can be made freely and will be addressed in a manner that is fair, transparent, objective, and constructive. All are considered confidential to external parties. Occasionally, some may be treated confidentially internally as well based on the nature of the claim or concern.


We also have an independently hosted whistleblower channel available for anyone involved in or affected by our activities to raise a concern anonymously. Here, anyone is able to report concerns related to suspected illegal actions or violations of Statkraft’s Code of Conduct.

Please report your concerns here.


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