Landesbergen biomass power plant

Germany / Bio power / Power plant

The biomass power plant is located in Landesbergen in Lower Saxony in Germany.

  • 2004
    Entered into operation
  • 20 MW
    Installed capacity
  • 140.6 GWh
    Annual production

The Landesbergen biomass power plant generates power by burning scrap wood. The electrical power output is 20 MW.

The biomass power plant generates renewable electricity equivalent to the consumption of approximately 50,000 households.

Generating power by burning scrap wood is CO2 neutral. The CO2 stored in the wood during photosynthesis is released by the combustion. The resulting emissions are cleaned and subjected to the strictest controls.

Company Ownership share
Statkraft 100%
  • Biomass power plant
    Oliver Tjaden

    Landesbergen biomass power plant

  • Landesbergen from above
    Oliver Tjaden

    Landesbergen biomass power plant from above

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    Oliver Tjaden


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