How to benefit from the Electro-intensive Statute as an energy intensive industrial?

The Electro-intensive Statute was enacted in 2020 to compensate electro-intensive consumers facing high costs of electricity supply. The Statute enables electro-intensive consumers to save up to 85% of the regulated costs with regards to renewable energy costs (RECORE) and extra-peninsular costs (TNP).

Image Website EN_croppedV2.pngIn the report we highlight how a consumer in tariff 6.2 can save 10% of electricity procurement costs by reducing the regulated costs from 12 EUR/MWh to 7,88 EUR/MWh and electricity costs from 45 EUR/MWh to 43,20 EUR/MWh. For more information and examples, download the whitepaper below.

In the paper, we clarify all myths regarding the Electro-Intensive Statute, outline examples of the potential savings in regulated costs and the PPA depending on the annual consumption and the tariff in which the consumer is. In the end, we highlight Dos and Don’ts, so that you can succeed in your PPA journey.

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