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Vesle Kjela power plant

Norway / Hydropower / Project

Vesle Kjela power plant will use a 48-metre height of fall between Lake Kjelavatn and Lake Førsvatn in the Tokke watercourse in Vinje Municipality in Vestfold and Telemark County.

The power plant will have an installed capacity of 8.5 MW (vertical Francis turbine) and an annual production of about 31 GWh. In addition, the downstream power plants will have an increased annual production of 10 GWh.

The power plant will be located inside a mountain just south of Lake Kjelavatn. Vesle Kjela power plant will have a head race tunnel connected to the bypass tunnel from Lake Kjelavatn. The outlet tunnel from the power plant will enter the existing diversion tunnel to Førsvatn.

Extensive use of existing infrastructure means that the project will have a modest impact on the natural terrain and environment. A new access road has been established from National Road 134 to ease the strain on Gamle Haukeli road. A total of 2,200 metres of tunnel will be built. The bulk of the rock fill removed from the tunnels will be deposited near the dam on Lake Kjelavatn.

Construction of the power plant started in April 2019 and commissioning of the power plant is planned for Q4 of 2020. The work is being carried out by AF Gruppen (construction) and Rainpower (electro-mechanical equipment).

Project manager: Aleksander Marek Derdowski
+47 950 53 788

Construction manager: Tor Ole Solheim
+47 952 92 029

Vesle Kjela power plant

Construction of Vesle Kjela power plant

Key facts

  • Production 31 + 10 GWh
  • Installed capacity: 8.5 MW
  • Planned commissioning Q4 2020
  • 100% Statkraft ownership
  • Vesle Kjela power plant
    Vesle Kjela

    Construction of Vesle Kjela power plant

  • Vesle Kjela power plant
    Vesle Kjela

    Construction of Vesle Kjela power plant

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