Nyrstar II

Netherlands / Solar power / Project

Status Solar Park: Development Phase

Solar Park Nyrstar II will be the second solar park on the Nyrstar site in Budel, doubling the current solar park and its capacity. 'Nyrstar II' covers 46.6 hectares and consists of 105,000 solar panels. Of the 46.6 hectares, more than 5.3 hectares will become green area.

The panels together provide a capacity of around 58 MWp and produce sufficient sustainable electricity for more than 12,000 households in the region. In addition, part of the renewable energy generated is injected into the Nyrstar plant. This means that the solar park will make a substantial contribution to making the energy supply of the municipality of Cranendonck and Nyrstar more sustainable.

  • 56 MWh
    Annual production
  • 12.600
  • 644,000 ton CO2
    Emissions avoided per 25 years