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Statkraft helps to establish the association Norwegian Data Center Industry

The Norwegian data center industry strengthens its joint cooperation and founds the business association Norwegian Data Center Industry. The founders of the association consist of leading operators in the Norwegian data center industry and the power companies Statkraft and Ringerikskraft. The association is placed under ICT-Norway and will strengthen the industry's efforts, among other things, for improved framework conditions and increased joint international marketing.

For the past year and a half, society has undergone a digitalization that no one could have imagined before the pandemic. The importance of data centres as pillars of the digital infrastructure and guarantors of secure access to digital services for the public and private sectors has become very clear during this period.

The Norwegian Data Center Industry will work to strengthen Norway's position as a data center nation internationally, supported by the facts that Norway offers the highest share of renewable energy in Europe, with a very low climate footprint and the lowest electricity prices. In order to attract major international players to Norway the association will work with the following topics:

  • Improved framework conditions for the data center sector
  • Simplify procedures for construction and operation of large data centres
  • Coordinate international marketing activities
  • Contribute to more and better educational offerings within the data center sector
  • Promote the use of sustainable technology and contribute to the green shift

- It is very gratifying that the leading players in the industry are now coming together in this way. Norway has great opportunities to attract more data center players, says Kathrine Langjord, Global Sales Executive at Host Norway (EBN). Kathrine will be board member of the new association.

The fact that Statkraft has been involved from the start supports how important the power situation is for this industry. It is a nice feather in our cap since Statkraft has worked within this marked segment for several years," says Kathrine.

- Norway has all the prerequisites to become an attractive country to invest in a computerized business sector. The Norwegian data center industry has an untapped growth and value creation potential, set against a large and rapidly growing international market. The Norwegian Data Center Industry will be a key player in ensuring good growth conditions and framework conditions for the industry, and I am pleased with the opportunity to lead this work forward, says appointed General Manager Bjørn Rønning.

- The Norwegian Data Center Industry must be a clear voice in the public debate and must be an active driving force for necessary changes. To succeed, we need a clear, committed and well-composed executive board, with the necessary weight, breadth and experience. We've got it. I look forward to leading this board's work in the future, says Chairman of the Board, Petter M. Tømmeraas.

- The Norwegian Data Center Industry is a unifying, proactive and important player for the Norwegian data center industry, and I am grateful to be part of the board and contribute to the work of promoting the industry's place in Norwegian society, says Liv Freihow, ICT Norway.

- Invest in Norway is part of Innovation Norway, which works to attract foreign investment, including in the data center industry. We are very positive about the establishment of the Norwegian Data Center Industry, with the most mature players in Norway at the forefront. We look forward to collaborating on, among other things, international marketing of Norway as a data center nation, says Benedicte Fasmer Waaler, special adviser, Invest in Norway.

The Executive Board of the Norwegian Data Center Industry consists of:

Chairman of the board:

Petter M. Tømmeraas (Basefarm)

Board members:

Gisle Eckhoff (Bulk, from September 1)

Halvor Bjerke (DigiPlex)

Tor Kristian Gyland (Green Mountain)

Jørn Skaane (Lefdal Mine Datacenter)

Liv Freihow (ICT-Norway)

Kathrine Langjord (Statkraft).

About the Norwegian data center market:

The data center capacity in Norway has increased by 17 per cent per year since 2010. In 2020, approximately 145 MW of capacity was installed, and the capacity is expected to grow sharply in the years to come.

In the period 2019-2020, at least NOK 2.7 billion was invested in new data centres in Norway. The investments are driven by both Norwegian and international demand.

(Source: «Data centres in Norway. Impact analysis of completed and potential establishments», Implement Economics, 2020)

For more information, please contact General Manager Bjørn Rønning, ph. +47-92242657, mail