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William Wootton

The Tidong River


India / Hydropower / Project

The Tidong Hydropower Project is a 100 MW run-of-river hydropower project on a tributary of Sutlej River in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh.

Statkraft acquired the Tidong project in 2018, which was approximately 60 per cent constructed at the time of acquisition.

The project utilises water from the Tidong Khad, a major tributary of the Sutlej River, to harness the head of 610m and generate an estimated 414 GWh annually.

The Tidong site. (Photo: Statkraft)

The power plant will use an 8km long head race tunnel, a 110m high surge shaft, a 1,200m long pressure shaft and the surface power house.

The power plant will have a storage capacity for 3 to 4 hours peak.


The Tidong site

Key facts

  • Planned installed capacity of 100 MW
  • Planned production of 414 GWh annually

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