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Progress in all areas

26 Nov, 2009

Statkraft is one of the big winners in this years reputation survey ”Large Norwegian Companies”, carried out by Synovate.

Statkraft climbed 22 spots from last year’s survey. Since branding and profiling started in 2007, Statkraft has climbed from 89th to 38th place.

Of those asked, 44 per cent said they had a good overall impression of the company. This places Statkraft in the 38th place, up from last year’s 60th place. Massive campaigns in mass media focusing on the involvement in the production of renewable and clean energy, and the will to react positively to such messages due to the growing awareness of the climate challenges help explain the progress, according to Synovate.

- This year’s survey indicates that we have gotten our message about clean energy and the possibility for a bright future across, says head of Marketing Grete Ingeborg Nykkelmo. We’ve have also noticed this in the daily work, where we continue to get positive feedback and response to our communication.

The greatest improvement

The annual profiling survey maps the attitudes of Norwegians towards a total of 116 large Norwegian companies in 14 different industries, based on overall impression, environmental awareness, corporate social responsibility and ethics, finance and marketing and information.

Statkraft shows the greatest improvement of all the companies with an improvement of 11 per cent for two of the factors: Environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility.

- This is an incredible improvement, says brand manager Torbjørn Valfridsson.It is especially satisfying to note that the best overall impression of Statkraft can be found in the 15 to 24 year age bracket. The fact that we are reaching this demographic indicates that Statkraft has a very bright outlook for the future.