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Statkraft sponsors Munch exhibit in London

26 Nov, 2012

The art exhibition “Edvard Munch – The Modern Eye” has opened at Tate Modern in London, with Statkraft as proud sponsor.

The success of the Munch exhibition continues. Prior to this, his 140 works have been exhibited in Paris, Frankfurt and now in London. The tour will conclude in Oslo. Many of Munch's classic works are included, such as “Vampire”, “The Girls on the Bridge” and “The Sick Child”. At the same time, visitors will have an opportunity to learn about lesser-known sides of the artist.

The preview on Tuesday, 26 June was attended by H.M. Queen Sonja along with Tate Board of Trustees Chairman Lord Browne of Madingley and the curator of the British version of the exhibition, Nicholas Cullinan. Statkraft was represented by Statkraft UK Managing Director Bjørn Drangsholt and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Bente E. Engesland.

Queen Sonja charmed everyone at the preview. She was also present when the exhibition opened in Paris last autumn. The Queen is pleased to be a part of the activities highlighting Edvard Munch’s art in the run-up to the 150th anniversary of his birth next year.

Spoke to the queen

"This exhibition is on a wonderful journey across Europe, and it is with passion and pride, we as Norwegians see and feel how “The Modern Eye” opens up new avenues in the understanding of Edvard Munch. His works are a national treasure," Bente Engesland said in her speech.

In her speech she also thanked Queen Sonja for her long and deeply felt commitment to art and culture, which she pursues with dedication, energy and knowledge.

"Great art and great technology have always inspired each other to major creative breakthroughs. As the largest supplier of renewable energy in Europe, Statkraft’s ambition is to drive further innovation and establish new standards in pure energy. Statkraft’s vision is providing pure energy. In the same way Statkraft sponsors Edvard Munch exhibition at Tate Modern in London a lot of people(Foto: Scanpix) Queen Sonja meets the press.

Munch had a modern view on art, we have a modern view on energy," she said.

Contribution to UK

Statkraft is greatful in making a lasting contribution to sustainability in the UK in 2012, when Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm will be officially opened – off the coast of Norfolk. With 88 wind turbines Sheringham Shoal will provide power to 220 000 homes. This is a significant contribution to the UK’s goals for sustainable energy.

“We have also been granted a license to develop Europe’s largest offshore wind zone, the 900 MW Dogger Bank. This is likely to be the world’s largest offshore wind project”, said Bjørn Drangsholt, Statkraft UK Managing Director.