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Stoltenberg praised hydropower in Turkey

26 Nov, 2012

-Hydropower is one of the best solutions if you both want to increase energy production and at the same time reduce carbon emissions, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said today, greeting Statkraft’s hydropower project Kargi.

Statkraft’s Kargi hydropower project was Monday celebrated at a investment presentation ceremony in the province of Corum, in the north of Turkey. Among the participants were Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg and Energy Minister of Turkey, Taner Yildiz. They attended via videolink from Ankara, as the weather conditions didn’t allow the helicopters to fly the ministers to Kargi.

Three hydropower plants in Turkey

Kargi will be Statkraft’s second hydropower plant in Turkey, one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world. When finalised in late 2013, it will deliver 470 GWh, equivalent to the electricity conmsumption of 150 000 Turkish homes. At present, Statkraft is operating the Cakit hydropower plant in the south of Turkey and the construction of Statkraft’s third hydropower plant in Turkey just started in December 2011. When finalised, the three hydropower plants will generate almost 2 TWh annually.

Turkey is already a big and competent hydropower nation, but strong economic growth and increasing population generates an increasingly larger demand for energy. In combination with a lot of new hydropower projects and a deregulated and liberalised power market, Turkey is an important focus area for Statkraft.

Statkraft’s growth in Turkey is a part of the company’s strategty to be a global player within international hydropower, focusing on emerging markets with great potential of hydropower development. Based on 100 years of experience in hydropower development in Norway, Statkraft is now growing abroad through hydropower projects securing profitability for Statkraft, economic development and jobs locally, and at the same time given more people access to renewable energy.