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Kick-off for summer project in Düsseldorf

23 Jun, 2014

"Future Development of Energy Systems: A Case of Battery Storage" is the name of this year's summer project. For the first time ever the project is located outside of Norway, in Düsseldorf.

Eight international students from Russia, Italy, Greece, Norway and Germany will take a look into the future development of energy systems focusing on the business opportunities for battery storage. The project started last week and will run nine weeks.

Statkraft has chosen the subject of battery storage opportunities for this year’s summer project in order to meet one of the most significant trends in the energy sector: As the development of renewable energies and especially decentralised energy production moves forward the expansion of storage capacity is expected to play a major role in the future.

"One of the reasons why I think this is a cool project is because I find the topic particularly interesting. Nobody knows how the future energy system will look like and I am looking forward to learning more about how batteries and other storage technologies can be used  to help integrate higher levels of variable renewable energy resources, improving grid stability and increase energy access," says Silje Merete Grønning, one of the students participating in the summer project.

"I really like the fact that this year’s project is in Düsseldorf. It is a great way to learn more about the activities Statkraft has outside of Norway and the international opportunities. I hope we will have a great summer together here in Düsseldorf, work well together as a team and in the end present a good business case for Statkraft."

During the summer project the students will identify markets and applications, look at technical, regulatory and environmental issues and how Statkraft can develop and use its competitive advantages. The students will be accompanied by international Statkraft experts.

"It is a great asset to have students with young minds and new ideas analyse the market opportunities for batteries which is a new playing field or Statkraft. They will balance between thinking out of the box and being realistic, and create a business plan for Statkraft which will be used at all levels in the organization," says Lillian Dale, Project Manager of the summer project.

"It is exciting that this year it has a more international profile than earlier; it is in Düsseldorf, the students have international backgrounds and they look at a global range of markets and will hopefully challenge our way of thinking."

The summer project will run until August 15th.