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Norwegian Red Cross, Red Crescent and Statkraft launch aid project

26 Nov, 2014

Norwegian Red Cross, Statkraft and Turkish Red Crescent yesterday agreed on a unique cooperation among Syrian refugees in the Turkish border areas with Syria.

The aim is to contribute to Turkish Red Crescent’s mobile kitchens, providing thousands of hot meals to Syrian refugees.

"The humanitarian crisis in Syria has huge consequences also for the border areas in Turkey. With a large commercial presence in Turkey it is important for Statkraft to contribute in mitigating this difficult situation. So far, our collaboration with the Red Cross has been excellent, and in the time to come we would like to expand it, also through Red Crescent, says SVP Corporate Communications in Statkraft, Bente E. Engesland.

The cooperation is made possible with funds from Statkraft, based on Statkraft’s cooperation agreement with the Red Cross. Sven Mollekleiv, president of the Red Cross, says that the cooperation with Statkraft is of great importance.

“The situation in Syria is the world’s largest humanitarian challenge since the Second World War. The neighbouring countries are also hit hard. Neighbouring countries are doing an invaluable effort and need help. Turkish Red Crescent is present, with access and trust. Now Statkraft is also doing an extra effort to support this operation that will save many lives, says Mollekleiv.

After three and a half years of civil war in Syria, Turkey is now housing 1.6 million Syrian refugees, according to Turkish authorities. About 1.4 million are living outside organised refugee camps, of which only 15 percent receive emergency aid. With the funds from Statkraft, the Turkish Red Crecent will now provide several thousands of these with hot meals. Additional mobile kitchens will provide the Turkish Red Crescent with emergency capabilities for years to  come, as these trailers will be used even in future disasters.

"For us who work in Turkey, the humanitarian crisis is apparent both in the large cities and in the rural areas. We are very happy to be able to support the work that Red Crescent is doing,” says Olav Hypher, Statkraft´s Country Manager in Turkey.

Statkraft is also supporting other humanitarian initiatives in Turkey, amongst others, in the Siirt area where the company is constructing a large hydropower plant.

In 2012, Statkraft entered into an agreement with the Red Cross to strengthen the humanitarian work internationally, focusing on areas where Statkraft have business activities. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of humanitarian efforts, mutual exchange of competence and direct support in humanitarian crises. The cooperation has been excellent so far and will be further extended next year including an international cooperation agreement.