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Statkraft supplies green power on an industrial scale around the clock

25 Oct, 2023

Statkraft, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy supplies green power to Daimler Truck AG. All the commercial vehicle manufacturer's German sites will be supplied with green electricity in real time according to demand.

The PPAs with different supply start dates support Daimler Truck AG in switching its power supply for all German production sites to 100% green power in the long term. The green power will come from three solar parks in Bavaria and from 14 wind farms that have run out of subsidies as well as a new wind farm in Lower Saxony. Altogether, the supply volume corresponds to the electricity demand of more than 215,000 households with an average annual consumption of 3,500 kWh. PPAs enable both the construction of new solar and wind power plants and the plannable continued operation of existing wind parks after the expiration of the EEG subsidies.  

Green power generation and supply in real time 
The PPAs from the wind and solar plants are an integral part of the "Pure Statkraft" green power concept developed by Statkraft and certified by TÜV. For this, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, combines significant amounts of wind, solar and hydropower from Germany with flexible storage power plants in Norway to ensure simultaneity between consumption and generation at all times.

“The Pure Statkraft concept developed by Statkraft is unique and offers a particularly high quality of physical green power delivery using only renewable generation. This allows us to offer a demand-driven solution that can sustainably reduce CO2 emissions and achieve set climate targets," explains Patrick Koch, head of Statkraft's German origination business.

Enovos from Saarbrücken, the energy supplier of Daimler Truck AG in Germany, will take over the entire energy management process, such as physical delivery, balancing group management, billing, grid usage, consumption forecasting and hedging. This enables the procurement of 100% green power while largely maintaining the proven and market-oriented procurement and supply model.

About Pure Statkraft
With Pure Statkraft, the Norwegian energy company has developed a green power concept that combines green power from intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind energy with flexible hydropower. This makes it possible to generate and supply green power on demand and at the same time as it is consumed.

The supply concept, which combines power purchase agreements and flexibility to deliver 100 percent green energy, is modularly tailored to the customer's needs. In the process, the green power generation corresponds to the power consumption at all times. 

The green power for the concept comes from wind farms that have run out of subsidies and new wind and solar plants, the operation and financing of which are ensured by the PPAs, without the plants claiming any EEG subsidies. Power supplies from hydropower plants complement the comprehensive green power package.  

For more information, please contact:

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Judith Tranninger
Head of Public Relations