Harnessing the power of technology

Leading the shift to a world based on renewable energy requires state of the art technology solutions. To accomplish this mission, we need the brightest digital talents to lead the way.

In a tech-focused role at Statkraft, you’ll help run the world’s most advanced renewable power plants within hydro, wind and solar, and develop the innovative technologies that power our virtual power plants and EV charging infrastructure.  

Whether your passion lies in optimising our energy production through predictive analysis, creating seamless interaction with our customers or using AI to automate our trading process, opportunities for IT professionals in Statkraft are infinite.

We’re looking for digital talents within areas such as:

  • Software engineering & development
  • Infrastructure engineering & architecture
  • Cloud service engineering & architecture
  • Application/system engineering & architecture
  • Process management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Cyber security analysis, architecture and operations
  • Data science & AI
  • Analytics, from data engineers via scripting to advanced mathematical modelling
  • UX & design thinking
  • Project management
  • Business consulting
Woman standing with arms crossed
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

“I work together with the business to develop and utilize digital solutions to position Statkraft for the future. The energy industry is undergoing major transformations and that offers immense opportunities to achieve meaningful change through the collective forces of people and the technologies that surround us.”

- Judy Ng, Business IT Developer

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