Fast response for the future

In increasingly complex energy markets and challenging climate conditions, our Trading and Energy Management teams work to maximise value and mitigate risks for both our own assets and those of our customers.

As part of our Trading and Energy Management teams, you will be optimising our energy production, buying and selling physical power in the short-term power markets and trading energy products through exchanges.

Statkraft is the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe and a major actor in the energy and commodities markets. From Asset Management to Trading, it will be up to you to ensure that green electricity is competitive, profitable and successful. And if you are a proprietary trader, you will provide essential knowledge on cross-commodity influences and additional risk management strategies.

Your ability to identify patterns, to evaluate occurrences and developments in the market, and to apply them to the day-to-day business drives not only you but also the energy transition forward.

We employ people within areas such as:

  • Commercial asset management
  • Physical market operations management
  • Trading
  • Proprietary trading
  • Business analysis
  • IT Projects
"I see trading opportunities in patterns and connections between different markets. If you ask people about uncertainties in their lives, most people would avoid them and consider them to be risks. But for me as an options trader, they are opportunities. Because our team has a deep understanding of the markets, we can help other teams to create more value for Statkraft as a whole."
Hugh Faqiang
Options Trader

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